Real-World Speed Metrics

For something that on the surface seems to be so black and white, how fast your site loads is actually an incredibly complex answer.

Our service is all about providing your site’s visitors the best experience possible. When we optimize your site we focus on real world load time, not some speed test that isn’t an accurate representation.

Really the only way to do this is to actually use the website. We’ll deliver a real video recording of your site loading so you can cut through all the garbage with these online speed tests and SEE how fast your site is loading, down to a tenth of a second.

About Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix

Of all the online speed testing tools, these are the last two that you’d want to rely on for an accurate representation of how fast your site is loading in the real world

They both can provide some great recommendations (and bad ones) to help diagnose a slow site. But the actual numbers they give as “load time” is useless.

Without going too far into the technical details, these sites include scripts that are loaded deferred, async, etc (which is done to speed up the site for the user).

This means that once the site has fully finished loading and your user can use it as normal, these speed tests are still running the clock until every last resource on the page has finished downloading, even though the user doesn’t even notice they exist.

Even Google themselves say that they don’t care about load time, they care about user experience. Their developer documentation is all about increasing the load time of above the fold content (the part of the site that you can see when the page first loads without scrolling down).

The reason for this is because if the above the fold content loads really fast, then while the user is reading the headline, looking at the first pictures, deciding where to go next, the site will finish downloading in the background and the user won’t notice a thing.

We want to help you feel confident that your marketing is efficient and you’re getting as many results as possible (not just get you a good score on a speed test). This is why we are 100% committed to our marketing-first, real world approach.